Letter from the Interim General Director

As we approach the middle of the Second Semester, I hope you have enjoyed participating in many of the activities so far!

In this Newsletter, we are sharing a few of the many recent accomplishments of our community!

I wish you a happy Easter Break and a successful second half of the semester!

Alegría Lores, Ed.D

Service Learning at the Cen Cinai in Belén

Second grade started working on helping the community in early childhood education. We found that the Cen Cinai in Belén needed our help and the students wanted to be a part of the change. The Cen Cinai needed furniture and materials for educational purposes, so our students worked selling messages of values and love. They also brought toy donations for the little ones to enjoy and to help create a more nurturing environment.

This Service Learning project has made them aware that they are lucky to have a great education and that it is part of their responsibility to help out. Despite the strike that affected the Cen Cinai, PAS students were able to complete their research on the needs of this important community resource.  The students proposed their ideas on how best to help the Cen Cinai, which allowed them to take ownership of the project and their learning.

During the second semester, students will be visiting the Cen Cinai facilities and drawing conclusions about public education needs compared to their own.

Classroom Libraries for Preparatory through Third Grade

In our efforts to build a reading culture with our PAS Primary students, we have recently received and distributed classroom libraries to our Preparatory, First, and Second Grade classes.  These libraries are composed of the best available children’s literature in both English and Spanish. There are over 300 new titles for each grade level. The books for each class library were selected based upon student interest, reading level, and connections to the curriculum.  

AASCA Middle School Sports Festival a Huge Success!

We had a great time during this AASCA event, held at PAS March 20-23.   Eleven schools, from four different countries, visited our school with their delegations and spent three days full of sports and fun activities.  Middle School students formed teams and played Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball. There were also track and field competitions. Students had to put their sportsmanship skills into practice in order to play different sports and become a real team!  It was a wonderful experience for our Pan-American School students to get to meet all these peers from Central America and to continue working on developing many values and skills that they will continue applying in the future!

College Fair a Success!

On March 13th Pan-American School hosted the SRT College Fair. Twenty-eight institutions from different countries such as the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, joined us to share information about their academic programs. Besides our PAS high school students, this public event was attended by 700 students from different schools. College fairs provide an opportunity for students to focus and shape their college and career search.

Safety First!

At Pan-American School, we value our students’ safety and physical integrity. Examples of this:

– We have two lightning rods that are tested annually.  Despite this, when there is an electrical storm, practices and games are canceled.

– To protect the areas under the Primary playground equipment we imported rubber mulch from the U.S. This mulch is guaranteed to be free of metal particles and is painted with non-toxic paint.

– We do not use silicates to weigh down the turf of our synthetic fields as is common practice, to avoid the hazard of silicosis.

– We have many shades in play areas to regulate the amount of direct sunlight children receive. We encourage students to use sunblock and avoid Physical Education under the sun at peak hours whenever possible.

– Our gymnasium has a vinyl surface to protect players’ knees and avoid harsh abrasions if they fall.

CAS Fair

On March 15th, Grade 11 students participated in our first CAS Fair.  

CAS stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service, and it is a core subject of the DP program.

During the fair, the students showed the impact that they have had on others and their communities.

They also made their experiences visible to the PAS educational community motivating Grade 10 students who will start CAS next school year.  Students of this next IB Diploma generation are now excited to start planning their own experiences and projects.

Chirripó Challenge 2019

As part of the CAS projects, we had a group of brave 11th grade students who took on the challenge of climbing Costa Rica’s highest mountain.

They trained for months before taking on this task, guided by Mr. Edison Valverde and Ms. María Weinrich.

Their experience was very rewarding in both physically and emotionally.  They were able to conquer fears, pain and cold, while fulfilling the requirement for Activity in CAS.

PAS Experience Day

Our Admissions & Communication and Early Childhood Education team hosted 24 families and their children last Saturday at our first PAS Experience Day.  Families interested in joining the PAS community were invited to have their children experience our PlayKids, PreKinder, and Kinder classes for the morning while the parents learned about the teaching philosophy and activities of our ECE program. We also enjoyed an outdoor picnic, our playground, face-painting, balloons, and mini-vets. Thank you to everyone who made this day a success!

Successful Immunization Campaign

Thanks to all the Pan-American School families that submitted documentation of their children’s measles inoculation or gave permission to receive the vaccine at school.  This successful campaign contributed to avoiding the risk of contagion with this serious illness!