February 2019 Newsletter

Dear PAS Families,

As we start the Second Semester of the 2018-2019 school year, I am very pleased to have an opportunity to work more closely with you.  At the same time, I am very happy to include in this Newsletter a personal greeting from our new General Director, Mr. Alan Wrafter, who will be joining us in July.

I hope you find this Newsletter informative as we share some of the accomplishments within our community.

Have a great Second Semester!


Alegría Lores

Interim General Director

Greeting from Alan Wrafter, new General Director

It is with great pleasure my family and I will become part of the Pan-American School family in July.  We are thrilled to be joining a dynamic learning community committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others.  I am excited by the opportunity to work with and lead what will soon be the first IB continuum school in Costa Rica.

Over the last four years, I have been working as a manager in the IB World Schools department of the International Baccalaureate. Based in The Hague in the Netherlands, I manage a global portfolio of private international schools, working with them to support their implementation of all four IB programmes.  Before joining the IB, I was at the American School of Bilbao, a NEASC/ CIS accredited IB World School in the Basque Country in Northern Spain where I spent eight years in various leadership positions.

I am originally from Ireland, and my wife, Susan, is a US citizen with Spanish parents.  Our two children Oisín (6) and Aisling (4) were born in Spain and hold American and Irish passports.  We are all looking forward to living once more in a Spanish-speaking country, experiencing the rich Costa Rican culture, and exploring the natural beauty for which it is famed.  We look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you soon.

Campus Preparations to Start the Semester

While students and teachers enjoy their well-deserved vacation in December and January, other PAS staff are very busy with improvements in the infrastructure, and with repairs, maintenance and cleanliness of the buildings and grounds.

During this past break, for example, the following were initiated and many have been completed:
1. Paneling was installed and painted and cabinets for sinks were built in classrooms Y-101 and Y-102.

2. The wooden banister was replaced by a metal one in the backyard of the Yellow Building.

3. The canvas roof over the ECE play area was cleaned.

4. The wood of the lighthouse and picnic tables in ECE were restored and varnished.

5. The ropes on the boat in Pre-School were replaced.

6. A screen was installed in the PlayKids backyard to help keep the area free of leaves.

7. The bridge that accesses the Yellow Building was refinished.

8. The Accounting office is being remodeled to improve customer service.

9. An air conditioning unit was replaced with a high-efficiency one.

10. Sun shades were replaced in the back of the Yellow Building.

11. Several old refrigerated water fountains were replaced.

12. All buildings and grounds were fumigated.

13. Gas tubing in the cafeteria kitchen was reinstalled to comply with the new norm and tested against leaks.

14. Water holding tanks were cleansed.


Finally, all classrooms underwent a deep cleaning and disinfection process, and vinyl floors were polished.

As you can see, PAS staff was very busy during the break making sure the campus was clean, healthy, and comfortable for your return.

“Fundación PASaporte para la Educación” Sports Scholarships

The PASaporte para la Educación Foundation together with Pan-American School has provided a scholarship to six students that have joined our community and will be supporting our girls’ volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams!

The Foundation appreciates the support received from the entire community that makes this possible.

Co-Curriculars and Opportunities 2018-2019

The co-curricular and Opportunities programs at Pan-American School seek to offer a variety of classes after the school day in which students participate voluntarily.  External organizations also offer special courses, called Opportunities.

For the current semester, we have a new Opportunity agreement with the Mauro Sergio Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to offer this discipline that contributes to building confidence and self-esteem, while stimulating movement and managing failure and frustration. 

Another academy with which we have an agreement is Go Mind.  The focus is on developing concentration, creativity, and coordination using fun activities.  

Last semester we had a presentation of the Dance Co-curricular students and also the Ballet Opportunity in the “The Value of Education” Assembly.  Other students that offered presentations during the PAS Festival were those taking Jiu-Jitsu and Karate.

During the second semester, each class will prepare a presentation.  We will invite you to come and to become more familiar with the program.

AASCA Music Festival 2019

Last week our students participated in the AASCA Music Festival which took place in the American School of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Eleven students were accompanied by Mr. Manuel Carazo and Ms. Marcela González.


It was a great learning experience for all!  During the four days, they tested their musical skills, shared their passion with other musicians, experienced the adrenaline of an international stage, and learned that challenging oneself is key to growth.  We are very proud of their talent, dedication, and commitment! 

Welcome to Second Semester!

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New Students

We are very pleased to welcome to the Pan-American community 28 new students who have started school this semester.  They are:


1. Carlo González Fernández – PlayKids

2. Arturo Monge Valverde – PlayKids

3. Gabriel Alfaro Brenes – Prekinder

4. Nicolás Mora Rojas – PreKinder

5. Gabriele Gagliardi Moreno – PreKinder

6. André Barquero Ramírez – Kinder

7. Alejandro Orrego Castro – 1°

8. María Victoria León Arias -3°

9. Angelina Piza Zúñiga – 3°

10. Sara La Touche Cardoza -3°

11. Gian Paul Piza Zúñiga -4°

12. María Ximena Rivera Castillo – 4°

13. Katherine Valeria Oviedo Corrales- 5°

14. James Rye Young- 5°

15. Helena Sánchez Chaves – 5°

16. Esteban Arturo Canossa Oviedo – 6°

17. Saúl Andrés Soto Víquez- 6°

18. Lucía Mariana Mc Guinness Rodríguez 7°

19. Ashley Carvajal Rojas 7°

20. Myla Elizabeth Young – 7°

21. Daniela María Barrantes Tortós – 8°

22. Alexa Chavés González- 8°

23. María José La Touche Cardoza – 8°

24. Karina de los Ángeles Jiménez Marín – 9°

25. Paola María Girón Alas- 10°

26. Matheus Vás Bellizia- 10°

27. Thiago Vás Bellizia – 10°

28. Sebastián Chaves Goméz -10°