General Director's Newsletter - November 2018

Dear PAS Community:

Please enjoy the November newsletter!

My very best to you,


Elizabeth Head

General Director

Primary Service Learning

PreKinder students are learning about the importance of reusing plastic. This is why they have been collecting plastic bottle caps and invited Fourth and Fifth Graders to help them. Both levels participated in a contest where each group had to collect as many caps as possible. Everyone did a terrific job, and the winning class got rewarded with a delicious treat! The bottle caps will be repurposed and reused to make a mural with an environmental message to help our school community be more mindful about plastic.

Secondary Service Learning

In October the Senior class went on a field trip to Tortuguero. They had the chance to go on a boat tour along the canals of the National Park and visited the  Tortuguero village. As part of the community service component, the students and teachers volunteered with the Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation (COTERC) by helping create bamboo nests for the turtles and clean the beach to protect the biodiversity this area has to offer.

Mister's Birthday

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Space Camp

"Día de las Culturas" Assembly

Model United Nations

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