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General Director:

Alan Wrafter

ECE and PYP Coordinator:

Andrea Barrantes

IB Coordinator:

Henry Gutiérrez

Administration and Technology Director:

Michael Genis

Admission and Communication Coordinator:

Kimberly Zúñiga

Primary School Principal:

Douglas Osborn

Middle School Principal:

Mónica Sánchez

Athletic and Wellness Coordinator:

Andrés León

Primary School Vice-Principal:

Ingrid Barrantes

High School Principal:

Ehimmy Rodríguez

Information Technology Coordinator:

Guillermo Víquez Víquez



Human Resources:

Uniforms and supplies:



Primary School:

Secondary School:

Health Services:

Job Opportunities

Pan-American School is recognized as an excellent employer, abiding by all of the Costa Rican labor laws, and providing for a healthy, happy, and stimulating work environment.  As a medium-sized organization, the sense of family is given a high priority.  Positions include teachers, teacher assistants, psychologists, learning specialists, secretaries, accountants, cafeteria workers, maintenance and security staff, and administrators.  For more information and to learn about specific openings, please contact