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Admissions Policy

Pan-American School evaluates students for admission to levels PreKinder and beyond in areas related to academic and psycho-social development.  When entering a grade, the student’s academic level is evaluated through prior school records and results of in-house placement tests. For PlayKids only an interview of the child’s parents is required.

Psycho-social development is evaluated through various means that may include classroom visitation, interviews and references from prior schools attended.

Students are accepted throughout the school year as long as there is space available.

Procedure and Requirements

Admissions are considered for entry throughout the school year (August to June). Students are evaluated on their prior school experience and by the results of our admission evaluation process.

To apply for admission, families need to present the following:

1. Starting with Primary, grades from schools attended during the last completed year, certified by the Ministry of Education (MEP). If the school is outside Costa Rica, the grades need to be authenticated with the Apostille of that country. If the country is not a signatory to the Apostille Convention, then they need to be authenticated by the nearest Costa Rican Consular Office. If the grades are not in Spanish, they need to be translated in Costa Rica by an official translator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The last step is to take the certification for accreditation to the Ministry of Education (MEP).

2. A letter of recommendation from the Director or Principal of the former school.

At Pan-American School, we are committed to accepting students that can thrive and be happy at our school. For this, getting to know applicants, including their physical, cognitive and social skills is key to be able to place a student in the appropriate grade level and in providing specific supports if needed.

The only requirement for students entering PlayKids and PreKinder is to have the required age for these levels. Students entering Kinder and Preparatory are evaluated using a developmental instrument and interview. Students seeking admission to levels First Grade and higher are required to take entrance exams appropriate to their prior level of schooling (in English, Spanish, and Math). These exams are given by appointment (usually on Tuesdays) and may be arranged the day of your initial visit or at a later date.

There is a $35 fee for the exams, payable prior to or on the day of these exams. To request an appointment for admissions evaluation, contact or call (506) 2298-5701

Admission Decision and Enrollment

The admission process normally takes one week from testing to the communication of the admission decision. Decisions are made considering the total child’s academic and social development and needs, and are explained in detail to the family to assist them in making their decisions. If accepted for admission and the decision is to enroll, an initial enrollment fee will be charged as follows: First child: $1000; second child: $500; third child: $250; fourth and additional children: $100 each.

After the initial year, a re-enrollment fee is charged for the following year. Students who enter during the second semester pay the initial admission fee and are exempt from the re-enrollment fee for the following year. If a student subsequently transfers to another school, he/she may return within a period of up to four years at no additional cost. Graduates from our Primary and Secondary School are exempt from paying the initial admission fee for the first child they enroll at our school.

Visit Us

Pan-American School welcomes students and families wishing to visit our campus and consider enrolling. We have an open-door policy, with tours and admissions information available from Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. To make an appointment for a tour, an admissions interview or requires additional information please fill out all fields below or call us (506) 2298-5701.