Pan-American School evaluates students for admission to levels Kinder and beyond in areas related to academic and psycho-social development. Academic level is evaluated through prior school records and results of in-house placement tests. There is no evaluation for students entering PlayKids and PreKinder. Psycho-social development is evaluated through various means that may include classroom visitation, interviews and references from prior schools attended.

Initial Fee

$1000 first child $500 second child $250 third child $100 fourth and additional children After the initial year, a re-enrollment fee is charged every subsequent year. Students who enroll during the second semester pay the initial admission fee and are exempt from the re-enrollment fee for the following year. The admission fee is charged according to a family plan, considering discounts for families with two or more enrolled children. If a student transfers to another school, he/she may return within a period of 4 years without paying again the admission fee. PAS Primary and Secondary School graduates are exempt from paying the initial admission fee for the first child they enroll at our school.

Admissions Procedure and Requirements 2016

To arrange an appointment for Admission Exams

1. Fill-out Admission Contact Form. 2. Grades from schools attended during approved past year, certified by the Ministry of Education (MEP). If the school is outside Costa Rica, grades must be translated into Spanish, certified by the Consul of the respective country and accredited by the MEP. 3. A letter of recommendation from the Director of the former school with the school seal.

Requirements on the day of the exam

1. Payment of the admission’s exam fee $35.00   2. Take the admission’s tests in English, Math (*) and Spanish (1st grade to 11th grade). Developmental evaluation performance for Kinder and Preparatory. 3. Placement test are arranged prior appointment and usually held on Tuesdays (*) Math test is in English for Elementary applicants To ask for an admission’s interview or campus tour, please fill out this Admission Contact or you may send an e-mail Thank you for your interest on Pan-American School.


Latest News:

  • We proudly announce that 100% of our Seniors earned the MEP National Baccalaureate Diploma. Furthermore, we congratulate the following students for receiving the MEP Honors Recognition as a result of achieving scores of 90% or above See more